Friend and Foe

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the first great album of 2007. I present to you Friend and Foe by Menomena. And quite frankly, I’m obsessed. These guys are amazing. I think I’ll let their music do the talking. Start with “Wet and Rusting” to whet the appetite (enjoy the pun?). Move on to “Muscle’n Flo” and if by song’s end you aren’t completely hooked, finish with the stunning “Rotten Hell.”

Friend and Foe is cohesive and consistently excellent. Despite the band’s ability to jump effortlessly from genre to genre, the album flows beautifully. Often, the lyrics conjure up images of standing resolutely in the face of a looming conflict. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything this inspiring in a long time. Fans of Wolf Parade (or lovers of great music) will feel right at home.